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[Panel 1]
Nils, have you... oh.

So one slab of eight threes has
two parity, that gives me about
sixteen and a half in real money.

Oh, hi Bell. Sorry, plotting
the new storage server.

I think those computers are
quite prone enough to plotting
without you encouraging them.

[Panel 2]
Just trying to decide
whether to use zfs or an
ext4 - lvm - md stack on it.

Well, one of them is
six syllables shorter.

Which leaves you more breath for
four-letter words when it breaks.

[Panel 3]
Yes, but I haven't used it
before. I don't know its foibles.

It'll be a

That's what I'm afraid of.

Well, THAT'S not very like you!

[Panel 4]
Sometimes even I just
want things to WORK.

Unfortunately they don't sell
ones that do what I want,
except for ten times what I'm
paying for this kit.

Poor thing, only got space to
store HALF the films ever made.

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