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[Panel 1]
At least after dark it's not so
'orribly 'ot in the 'orrible city.

Yes, and thank the Lord
fasting none of us has to
work here during the day.

We can follow that advice
about shutting the windows
to keep the hot air out.

A fat lot of use that would be
if I were here, broiling alive...

[Panel 2]
Yes, but you aren't.

Mmmm. And when the humans at
the office get too hot, I can
retreat to the machine room.
That's always kept cool.

Well,I've got the basement
stacks. Old books radiate cold.


That's how it feels.

[Panel 3]
You lucky lot. I just go
and check barrels in the
cellar every so often, and
swelter the rest of the time.

And of course there's making
ice with the ice-machine.

For all those summery drinks?

[Panel 4]
No, for ice-packs to treat the
punters who get in through the door
and then fall over from heatstroke.

Skirts would be the answer.
Swedish train drivers aren't
allowed to wear shorts, so
they're wearing skirts.

I don't HAVE any skirts!

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