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[Panel 1]
You were pretty good at OGRE...
no, I can't have this conversa-
tion with you again.

What do you mean, again?

Long story. You're still basically
not interested in games, right?

[Panel 2]
Right. Are you sure
you're over that cold?

I thought I was.

Time to get back up to speed.
Forget Christmas and games
and stuff. Back to work!

[Panel 3]
But work IS a game. Otherwise
I'd find something else to do.

Yeah, right, I can just see
you back here every night.

I helped out my brother back in
the day. It's just not as much
fun as playing with computers.

[Panel 4]
So it was work, all that mad
cackling while I was trying
to go to sleep last night?

After all the fuss over bitcoin,
I thought I'd start my own
currency. Virtual Cowrie Shells.

Bah. Go home or I'll have to
serve you pints of chicken
soup, and I have NO idea where
I'd find that at this hour.

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