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[Panel 1]
I can't help feeling that there
was something missing from the
post-Christmas malaise this year.

No tree to dispose of? No
wrapping paper to throw away?

No, it wasn't that...

[Panel 2]
Nils didn't throw a braai?

Oh, blast! You're
right. I'm coming
to EXPECT them!

I'm sure you could
persuade Nils to hold one.

Usually the difficult
bit is stopping him.

[Panel 3]
You know, I really
ought to do one myself.


Well, I've done the pig-roast
with Ginny so often I can set
it up in my sleep. And have.

And Nils can lump it
if he doesn't like it.

[Panel 4]
But how are you going
to hide it from him?

Hide it? I shan't try to HIDE it.

I'll set it up huge, in plain view.

He won't believe it
till it's too late.

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