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[Panel 1]
I have some bad news for you both.

What, you've finally managed to
kick off the robot rebellion?

No, but the floods are
getting closer. First it was
in Somerset, now it's just
west of London up the Thames.

And that thing three roads
over IS the Thames.

[Panel 2]
Yeah, yeah, Thames Barrier.

That's for tidal surges.
When the water's coming
DOWN, it doesn't help.

Hold on, are we below
sea level here?

Well, no. Technically... ish...
when the moon's not full or new...

[Panel 3]
So what do we DO?

First, get all the
computers into the attic.

The water probably won't get above
the wholemeal cafe downstairs,
but you can't be too careful.

Oh, and I suppose we ought to
take some precautions for us too.

[Panel 4]
DO rats eat soyburgers? Or
will they turn up their little
noses and go elsewhere?

Anyway, you lot can come in
to the office. If this place
floods, Canary Wharf will be
well under, and nobody will be
able to get in except by kayak.

But WE don't have a kayak either.

You know it better as "that bloody
thing that's in the way of me
storing books in the loft".

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