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[Panel 1]
Three pints, please.

Sure. Who's joining you?

My soul and my
conscience. I need
to numb them a bit.

Oh. What's up?

[Panel 2]
The library web site
is being upgraded.

I know Nils well enough to know
that's rarely a good thing.

It's going to be all shiny
and mobile-friendly.

Well, all right, but why
is that bad for your soul?

[Panel 3]
I'm going to have to field
all the people who can't
make the new thing work.

And I'm going to
have to say it's
an improvement.

With a straight face.

Oh dear.

Have you considered
an ethic-ectomy?

[Panel 4]
That's what the bosses seem
to have had. Along with a VERY
nice lunch from the guys who
sold them the new web site.

So what ARE you
going to do?

Drink heavily, if
I ever get served.

And look on the bright side:
they'll take so long to get it
working I may retire first.

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