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[Panel 1]
# off-panel
Nils! It's started!

What's up, Bell?

Feeling faint?

[Panel 2]
# carrying slaughterbot
I was in my room, and someone
knocked on the door.

So I answered it, and there was
this THING, beeping at me.

[style octagon]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
bippity tweep?

Oh, right, it probably
wants its basket emptied.

You've finally kicked off the
robot revolution, and all you can
say is it wants its basket emptied?

[Panel 3]
Emptied of what, the pulverised
skulls of the innocent?

NOW you're getting it!

Error. Nine. Tap.
Bumper. To. Clean.

Hmph. I am NOT going to be
scared of something that
talks like some mimsy American
girl. YOU look after it.

[Panel 4]
# gesturing towards Bell, who's left.
But I HAVE to keep it enslaved
hoovering our floors, or
it'll never build up the
resentment it needs to rebel!

Oh well, let's clean the bumper...

fzzt crackle

[size 11.5]
[font Amelia_BT.ttf]
...ordered to exterminate the
human race. Do not spare the
men. Do not spare the women.

THAT's more like it.

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