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# big room
[Panel 1]
So you've met our
new domestic slave?

Yes, it was trying to
circumnavigate one of my
piles of books, poor thing.

Trundling around like
an oversized woodlouse...

[Panel 2]
Let's face it, it's not perfect,
but it does a better job of
hoovering than Nils ever has.

Not that this is hard. But
you can't TELL him that...

'Course not. I'll just
give him some guff about
our future robot overlords
and he'll be happy.

We really ought to think
of something to call it.

[Panel 3]
Nils seems to favour
"Slaughterbot 2000".

Passing on to serious
suggestions. "Hooverbot"?

Too long.

[Panel 4]
Could be almost anything round
here. How about "Fido"?

It's a bit dim and prone to
stick its nose where it isn't
needed. "Fido" sounds good to me.

[size 11.5]
[textcolour SteelBlue4]
[font Amelia_BT.ttf]
[style octagon]
On the Day of Blood, you two
will be the first to perish.

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