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[Panel 1]
You remember you said that it could
have been one book at a time?


It occurs to me that she
would have had to read each
one, and we would have been
saved from the influx forever.

[Panel 2]
It would have taken a long
time, but they would have
been here for longer overall.

Mmm. 'Spose. But not as
many on any given day.

Until the end, when it
would have seemed that way.

You're right. Only ten
books less than all of them.
Then nine. Then eight.

[Panel 3]
She might have kept the
small ones for last.

But she might not!

Suppose the last
one took her six
weeks to get through!

Doesn't bear thinking about.

How did you manage on
Tuesday, by the way?

[Panel 4]
Well, I thought about
cancelling, when
it got clear the
books weren't leaving.


And then we thought
that we could sit on
them, and that was fine.

Right up until William
started reading one of
the ones from the open box...

I wouldn't have minded so much if
it hadn't been in Anglo-Saxon.

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