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[Panel 1]
Do anything
last weekend?

Oh, you know, hanging
around with friends.

It's just I could have sworn
I saw you walking along Poplar
High Street arm in arm with
a dwarf elf and a sexy robot.

[Panel 2]
A dwarf elf?

He was only about six
feet tall. ANYway...?

What can I say? It was a pleasant
evening... the moon was full...

[Panel 3]
No it wasn't, it was
waning gibbous.

Why do
you even
know that?

Can't miss a gibbous moon!
The tentacles would get
all sad and squamous.

[Panel 4]
The Steamship was packed out,
and there aren't any decent
pubs any closer to ExCel.

You don't LOOK like a
masochist. What were
you doing THERE?

Just what I said. Hanging
around with a few hundred
good friends, at the Worldcon.

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