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[Panel 1]

Why is this room full
of boxes of books?

They're Elizabeth's.

Yes. I'd guessed that.
But why are they HERE?

[Panel 2]
Well, she decided to redecorate.

Ah. And since her
entire room is lined
with books, they've
all had to come
down here. I see.

But... hang on. You can't SEE the
walls in her room past the books.

[Panel 3]
I don't know, Nils. Perhaps
she just likes the idea.

And anyway, she was
putting down a new floor.

And putting up a new ceiling.

And I think she said
something about curtains.

[Panel 4]
Is there no END to this?

I do half-own this
house, you know.

And I've got some people
coming over on Tuesday. I
want the books out of here...

At least I talked her
into boxes. It could have
been one book at a time...

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