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[Panel 1]
[style 8way]

Oh dear.

Nils! Your dream has come true and
we're being invaded by robots!

[Panel 2]
It's OK, I'm
flying this one.



Once I get the hang of it, I can
use the camera to inspect the roof.

[Panel 3]
Looks as though that
might take a while.

Yes, well, I've
never flown a
model before.

Flight sims,
sure, but they're

I can tell you're really hating all
the practice you have to do.

[Panel 4]
Obviously the next step is one that
can fly itself, but I'll probably
have to build my own for that.

What's THAT going to be for?
Chasing down pigeons?

I was going to say a better camera,
but now that you mention it...

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