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[Panel 1]
That's the last of them. Thanks for
carrying the boxes back, you lot.

Not a problem.

Don't you find your room
a bit noisy now, with
that new wood floor?

[Panel 2]
Don't worry, once the
books are shelved again
they'll give me back
my anechoic layer.

I still haven't worked
out where you have room to
keep clothes and things.

I have a couple
of rolling bins
under the bed.

[Panel 3]
Excuse me,
I feel a
touch faint.

I DID have
a wardrobe.
Really I did.

But then I put a shelf
across it, and then
there was another shelf...

and by then that hanging
rail was just getting in
the way of the books.

[Panel 4]
But where does your
Extreme Hat live?

Oh, it gets a box to
itself. Everything else
is in the other one.

Very wise. You could get up and
find all your shirts missing, and
the Hat sitting there looking smug.

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