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[Panel 1]
Well, how was I supposed to know?

You knew Henry
was in the Navy,
didn't you?

Yes, and?

You KNOW how the Navy
feels about pirates!

[Panel 2]
Well, I do now!

I didn't know
they still fought
duels about it,

I think that may be his
personal innovation.

At least he gave you
choice of weapons.

[Panel 3]
And time to think about it.


Trebuchets are
obviously tempting...

Maybe he doesn't have a trebuchet.

[Panel 4]
Not have a...? What
kind of sailor does
he call himself?

One who has to get all
his gear into a locker?

Then it's just going to have to
be pints of beer at two paces.

May the last man standing win!

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