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# at work
[Panel 1]
A little bit of rust, I
can get that from the
old breakroom fridge...

I just found this
in my inbox.

Oh yes?

It's a set of warnings about
the firemen's strike.

Oh, right. I got those too.

[Panel 2]
Some aluminium, I will
scrape the window frames...

"No welding without a risk
assessment." "Stay with the
thing you are microwaving."

They must think
we are completely

A child of three would
know better even if there
were firemen in every room!

Oh, I don't know.

[Panel 3]
And some of my magnesium
ribbon to get it started...

You WOULD burn us
all to death?

No, but there are times
when a little fire in a
wastebasket, just to get
outside for a bit...

First find a wastebasket!


[Panel 4]
[style octagon]
[bodycolour red2]
[textcolour yellow]

[style octagon]
[textcolour maroon3]
werble werble werble werble werble werble werble

# off
Um... before we flee for
our lives, could one of you
help me hide the evidence?

I thought the point
of thermite was that it
did that for itself!

Sometimes I think
it would be easier
just to take virtual
smoke breaks.

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