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[Panel 1]
Too hot in here today.

I think they must
finally have turned
on the heating.

About time. I've
been freezing
since October.

[Panel 2]
They have a Policy, you know.

All hail the Policy!

"As a guide if the
daily maximum
temperature falls
below 16C for three
consecutive days the
heating will be
switched on."

If only it were that simple.

[Panel 3]
I've been popping down to the
secretarial floors and warming myself
by their portable fan heaters.

While I have been
taking turns with Nils
to "inspect the server
room" until I am cool
enough again.

Hold on, isn't this meant to be a
"smart building" with terribly
cunning climate control run by a...

[Panel 4]

First to crack the root
password gets to set
tomorrow's temperature!

I'll bring in my
baggies AND a
heavy coat, then...

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