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[Panel 1]
"huge amount of various books
need to be collected asap"



People who can talk about
"various books" like that don't
deserve to have books at all.

[Panel 2]
Did they buy
them by the yard
or something?

Looking on the bright
side, they aren't going to
have them for much longer.

I'm going to have to ask for them
just to sort them out and offer
them properly to people who might
actually care about them.

[Panel 3]
But I haven't any spare
shelf space at the moment.

I don't

Nope. Nope nope
nope nope nope.

Even one of your books is
the wildebeest's nose. Let it
in and I'll be COLONISED.

[Panel 4]
Just one poor lonely little book?
That's lost and looking for its
mother with great big sad eyes?

You know, Elizabeth,
sometimes I
Worry about you.

But then you say something
like that and I know
you haven't changed.

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