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[Panel 1]
They haven't
collected the
bins again.

Which bins? Main rubbish,
kitchen, garden which we don't
have, cans, glass, plastic...?

Any of them.

[Panel 2]
Probably a strike, then.

Or a bank holiday.

Or the day had a Y in it.

Why, you nasty cynical person.

[Panel 3]

No, I mean, they're people
too, right? Doing a horrid
job, considering what gets
chucked away, and the money's
not up to much either.

I think I've solved
the bin problem.

[Panel 4]
What's happened?

They left a note. They aren't
coming back until you promise
not to put any more of those
chilli seeds in the kitchen bin.

Except for one bloke from
Jamaica who says it reminds
him of his grandma's cooking.

I'll invite him to the next braai.

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