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# kitchen
[Panel 1]
Nils! I am disgusted with you!

Oh, you found out
I was drinking
Russian vodka?

There in the hall! It is an

[Panel 2]
Oh, right, yes, I got it on
Freecycle because

The bicycle is
the most efficient
form of transport
in the world!

And you are using it to go NOWHERE!

[Panel 3]
Jaakko, how many real
bicycles do I own?

Well... hmm...
counting the
parts... none.

And how cold was
it as you came
over today?

Quite warm! Not even
freezing. Mostly.

[Panel 4]
So if I wanted to get into shape
for a bit of riding, what's the
easiest and cheapest option?

Borrow one of my spare
bicycles of course. The
cold air will help to
keep you from overheating.

Now, is there any more of that
vodka needing to be made safe?

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