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[Panel 1]
"Self Propelled Rotary
Motor Mower & BBQ"



Just one of those combinations
that come up sometimes.

[Panel 2]
I still like "compost bin
and football boots".

Or "wooden table
and fire tools".

Or "garden blower and
Astra parcel shelf".

[Panel 3]
I suppose whoever it is just
happens to have these two
things to offer. Paving over
their garden maybe.

Yes, but it still sounds like
something Nils would build.

Re-named to sound better in
the offer, of course.

[Panel 4]
Well, yeah. I mean, would
YOU enquire about "ravening
slaughterbot, all sharp
blades and fire"?

What? Where?

Is it time at last?

No, Nils. Go back to sleep.

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