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[Panel 1]
Orright, Bell? No troubles
while I was away?

Old Goat Brewery
trying it on.
Nothing serious.

Oh, and on Wednesday Jaakko started
singing so I kicked him out.

[Panel 2]
Quite right too. Wouldn't want
the Lesbian Carpenters'
Collective to think their
rotary saws had gone wrong.

So how'd you like
running the place
on your own?


Good. I knew you were the
right one for the job.

[Panel 3]
You could at least pay me
extra for being a manager.

Funny you should
mention that.

See, there's this wine bar in
Nicosia that just needs someone
to turn it into a proper pub...

[Panel 4]
What's that thing Nils
says in this situation?

"Another pint
please", usually.

No, no... "Jislaaik",
that's the one.

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