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[Panel 1]
Well, that's the latest
storm over and done with.

Have you noticed
they're giving them
names now? As if
we were Americans
or something.

It's supposed to make people more
aware of the dangers, they said.

[Panel 2]
Oh, come on. What's the difference
between "a tree might fall on you"
and "a tree might fall on you
because of Storm System Brian"?

Anyway, what was
this one called?


[Panel 3]
Jislaaik! They shouldn't
go using names like that,
it reminds me of Shelagh.

Some day you will
HAVE to tell me...

I don't THINK the Irish Met. Office
has it in for you personally.

[Panel 4]
The Free University of Berlin
has an Adopt-a-Vortex scheme,
and THEY called this one Nils II.


I haven't finished
being Nils I yet!

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