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[Panel 1]
Right. On to the server room!

That was a bit
cruel, you know.


Telling the security guard the
gas leak was not poisonous.

[Panel 2]
I didn't. I told Bell,
on the phone, because
the fridge has broken.

Just before you asked him to
let you in quickly because
it was an emergency.

He was only going to ask if I'd
had the out of hours training,
don't use the lifts after midnight,
have I got the keys, and so on.

[Panel 3]
He is new. He has
not met you before.

Precisely. Whereas we've been
here so long we can find our
way around with the lights off.

Which is helpful when you
cannot turn them on outside
Core Business Hours.

[Panel 4]
D'you think he'll last
out his probation?

I think it would be Very Cruel to
jump out on him when he is doing
his rounds later and we are still
here working on the servers.

Yes, it would. Did you
bring the air-horn?

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