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[Panel 1]
Hello, Nils.
You look rough.

I FEEL rough. I'm
dying alone in my room
and you don't care.

He means he has a
cold, Bell. Stand
well clear, he's
probably infectious.

All on my own, dying in my
room. Some friends you are.

[Panel 2]
[Bell and Elizabeth]
# flowery border?
Aw poor Nils

And that is no help at all.

I sent you an SMS to say
that I had a lurgy and
what happens? Nothing.

I got one from you a couple
of days ago that said
something about Kyrgyzstan.

[Panel 3]
I thought you must have gone
there with Jaakko or something.



Let me see that!

I HATE autocorrect!
I WROTE "lurgy"...

[Panel 4]
Might be just as well. If
we were soft about it you'd
think we were ill too.

And then we'd have to
find some medicine for
him, and you know what
happened last time
someone gave him a pill.

That wasn't a pill, woman!
It was a basketball.

You still didn't have to break a
window spitting it out...

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