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[Panel 1]
So why IS it you want
a container anyway?

Well, containers
are nifty.

And I could use a
larger machine room.

And where does it go?

[Panel 2]
Well, there's the cafe
downstairs, they've got
a flat roof sticking out.

They don't really need
that skylight, do they?

I think they might resist
that. Especially if it's
non-vegan computers.

[Panel 3]
And if the cat couldn't
get through it in summer
they'd be overrun with mice.

Not to mention
it might tip off
the edge if you
weren't careful.

Minicab office next door,
then. They don't use
their roof for anything.

[Panel 4]
You don't feel their radios
might not work as well through
a great big steel box?

Jislaaik, woman, anyone
would think you didn't
WANT me to have a
container of my own!

How can I put this...?

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