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[Panel 1]
Are you sure he's really
doing it this time?

I'm telling
you, he's gone
and bloody
DONE it!

Who's bloody done what?

I saw the paperwork.
The pub is up for sale.

[Panel 2]

So it's going to turn into
more nasty flats or offices
or something, is it?

Most likely. And I'll be out
on my ear, along with Mandi.

[Panel 3]
Unless someone bought it
as a going concern.

Yeah right, Plastic Pubs Inc?
They'd knock out the cellar and
turn it into a wine lounge.

Well, I can't afford it,
even if we sold this place.

[Panel 4]
Not much point keeping this
place if the pub's gone. I
could put my share behind it.

I'm not sure if that's very
sensible or completely barking.

I'm going to go and phone some
people while I think about it.

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