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[Panel 1]
Oi, fellow running-dog lackey
of the capitalist oppressor!

Yes, fellow
whatever it was?

I want a new
floor in my room.

Has the old one stopped
working? Have you tried
turning it off and on again?

[Panel 2]
A nice wooden one
instead of that carpet.

Make it easier for
the poor slaughterbot
to cope with the dust.

Won't that make
the place noisier?

I'll leave the wardrobe
open if I have to.

[Panel 3]
And if I can see the floor properly
I'll always be barefoot anyway.

It WILL make the
place easier to
sell if we ever do.

Perish the thought! I'd have
to move all the computers!

[Panel 4]
Anyway, Elizabeth had one, so
I don't see why I shouldn't.

I think we can do
it. If you use
our Approved
Installer of course.



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