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[Panel 1]
Just to make it even better,
we've got a new Artist
in Residence at the library,
and she does soundscapes.

That seems boring
but essentially

Which means she's wandering
around all day with a recorder.

[Panel 2]
Good for blackmail, but
again, where is the problem?

Nobody told her
she shouldn't go
above the fifth floor.

I think maybe
they don't like
her very much.

Because of the unsafe structure?

[Panel 3]
...yes, yes, the structure.

What are you
not telling us,

Fortunately I was up there
doing some... research, and I
caught her before anything
too horrid could happen.

[Panel 4]

Look, I'm just saying I
wouldn't go up there on my own
without a bell and a candle.

Should you
not be taking
your own
book too?

Oh, of course. And if I'm walking
into a fire, the best thing to
carry is a can of petrol.

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