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[Panel 1]
Heeeere, bot bot bot bot bot...

All right, what is that?

Trebuchet for the slaughterbot.
The poor thing doesn't have
any way of exterminating
humanity at the moment.

[Panel 2]
Who makes slaughterbot-trebuchets,
and can I get them shut down
as too daft to be in business?

I hope not. I
just ran this
off on the
3D printer.

Oh, so THAT's what you do with
the culmination of thousands
of years of industrial design?

[Panel 3]
Well, and a set of keys for
those TSA luggage locks
everyone has to use now.

It's just a TOY,
isn't it?

What's wrong
with toys?

It was expensive, and it
takes up lots of space.

[Panel 4]
It does do SOME practical
work too, you know.

What work is it doing
at the moment, then?

A new plastic bit for the bottom
of the gin optic, to replace the
one Mandi broke and didn't dare
tell you about because they
don't make that sort any more.

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