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[Panel 1]
You do know that
cigarette machine's
illegal these days, right?

Only if it's still got
any cigarettes in it.

And if it has, they'll
be a bit old by now.

So why do you keep it?

[Panel 2]
The regulars are used to it. Bad
enough Steve isn't here any more,
without going Changing things.

But you've opened up the
kitchen, that's a change...?

AND it would upset the
ghost if we moved it.

[Panel 3]
Oi, you didn't say
anything about a ghost!


Well, most people
can't see him.

There's just that corner where the
beer's always a bit colder. And the
seat where nobody likes to sit.

[Panel 4]
Ghosts is extra!

What, you want
to be paid more?

Nah, if I see 'im you don't 'ave to
pay me for that night. I can dine
out on a ghost sighting for WEEKS.

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