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[Panel 1]
Well, the good news is, you're
going to have a kitchen.

I thought I
knew that

Yes, but now I can
say it professionally.

[Panel 2]
So what's the bad news?

It's going to take a while to get
all the crap off, and we're going
to have to charge you for it.

Crap? I'll have
you know that's
best quality

And you and Steve glued
it together, didn't you?

[Panel 3]
Well, yes, we didn't want
to leave screw-holes.

Which means breaking
it apart and cleaning
up the dust.

After that, it's just making
sure everything still works
and you're ready to go.

[Panel 4]
And writing a menu.

Sausages, burgers,
lumps of charred
meat, bunny chow.


Bog off and let me think,
or the vegetarian special
gets named after you.

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