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[Panel 1]
I have had it with light bulbs!

Oh. Are we going
to live in the
dark from now on?

Probably. At least for the first
five minutes after I turn them on.

[Panel 2]
But you can get LED bulbs now.

Not when you're
replacing lots of
them on a budget
you can't.

I mean, it was very nice of Steve
to leave me the world's supply of
big incandescent bulbs for the pub,
but they cost too much to run.

[Panel 3]
So get the fluorescents and
just never turn them off.

It's all very
well for YOU
to say that!

Where I grew up, they trained it
into you that you turn the lights
off when you leave the room.

[Panel 4]
Ah. Er. Well. Solar
panels on the roof?

That would cost
even MORE!

Not if we use the
ones from work.

They had to take them out to fit
the eco-garden in. So many good
causes, so little roof.

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