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[Panel 1]
Someone's offering a "dolce gusto
latte nacchiato cartridge".

Is that belt-fed
or do you put it
in a magazine?

I think it's coffee.

Don't be silly, coffee comes
in brown and less brown.

[Panel 2]
I'm sure it does in your vending
machine at work. You've never
been to a Starbucks, have you?

Only once. I may have
been sort of slightly
banned for life.

NOT asking.

Anyway, it sounds like
a milky caramelly coffee
with lots of froth.

[Panel 3]
If you want a coffee-flavoured
milk shake, why not just have one?

Because then
it wouldn't be
costing you
50p a cup to
make at home.

And you wouldn't have a
piece of exotic plumbing
taking over your worktop.

[Panel 4]
And you couldn't pretend to be
drinking coffee like a grown-up?

Well, there's
that too.

I think I've still
got that old etna
thing somewhere
in a cupboard.

Why disturb it now? Let
it rust in peace and keep
drinking the instant.

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