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[Panel 1]
I didn't know you ever
went swimming, Bell.

She swims?

Why else would
she have a

Um.... Nostalgia of some sort?

[Panel 2]
I just hope it's
not in the Thames.

I don't swim in the
Thames down here.

I might go for a stroll
ON it, perhaps, but I
wouldn't swim IN it.

One could in a drysuit.

But what she has is
a swimming costume.

[Panel 3]
Maybe she keeps it for
wearing in thunderstorms.

I am here,
you know....

We don't get those
all that often.

And I don't think she's put
it on for one of them before.

[Panel 4]
Well, all right,
maybe she'd lost it.


If you must know, I
go swimming in the
Hampstead Ponds.

At midnight.

In a domino mask.

It's a gothic thing,
you wouldn't understand.

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