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[Panel 1]
Bell, we need to have a
Serious Talk about your cat.

It's Elizabeth's cat.

Oh no you don't. YOU
paid to get it fixed.

That's just good manners.

[Panel 2]
It's an Admission
of Responsibility,
that's what it is.

While I admit nothing,
what specifically did
you want to talk about?

A violation of
the Laws of War.


[Panel 3]
To wit, jumping up on the table
during a game, eating two squad-
rons of Her Imperial Majesty's
finest, and departing in haste.

Oh dear.

We got some of them back,
but they're not the fighting
men they used to be.

[Panel 4]
Can't you, um, shut the door to
keep it out or something?


But we didn't check
behind the curtains
before we started.

So. Is it going to become a
pub cat, or furry mittens?

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