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[Panel 1]
Bell, we're having a power cut.

Dear me.

The street's all dark,
it's just car headlights.

How remarkable.
I blame Brexit
and/or Europe.

[Panel 2]
And here you are, serving
beer, while the pub up the
road's had to close down.

What a pity.

What have you been up to?

Up to? Me?

[Panel 3]
Are you suggesting that I
might have got Caz to build a
bunch of sun-tracking frames,

and Jaz to
mount solar
on them,

and to install a massive backup
battery to last this place
from sunset to closing time,

all without your help?

[Panel 4]
Well, I wasn't GOING to.

But how did you
pay for it? That
stuff's expensive!

Steve's cache.

It's remarkable what some people
will pay for a hundred watt
incandescent bulb these days.

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