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[Panel 1]
I'm going to have to Do
something about the wholemeal
cafe under our flat.

Oh, please don't!
I like their lentil
soup when it's
getting chilly.

Have they stopped
taking in parcels
for you or something?

No, but they opened one by
accident and sent it back!

[Panel 2]
Apparently a die-cast ambulance
was obviously the wrong thing and
couldn't have been meant for me.

Well, it's not quite
the usual sort of
thing you order, is it?

I just want to make my Flash Point
set look a bit more appealing.

[Panel 3]
What, and you didn't
3D-print one?

The toy was

Maybe you should get your
parcels sent to the pub instead.

[Panel 4]
I won't return anything unless
it's ticking, leaking, or trips
Steve's radiation detector.

Why did he have a...?

I'm not asking. OR why he left it
here instead of taking it with him.

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