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[Panel 1]
Elizabeth said she's got home
safely. Don't suppose we'll hear
from her again until next year.

Well, at least YOU'RE
not going away for
Christmas any more.

I'll probably have
to go and see the
family in January.

I wasn't going to leave the Rose
in the hands of Mandi and Citz.

[Panel 2]
I dunno, Citz wouldn't do
a terrible job of it...

Last week she
proposed an Alt
Folk Disco Night.

We don't have Alt Folk
here. This is Limehouse!

[Panel 3]
True, we barely have normal folk.

Not that you'd
recognise them
if we did.

ANYway, got
any plans for
the 25th?

A free pint for regulars,
same as Steve did.

[Panel 4]
Yeah, you couldn't change
that now. They'd riot.

And the goose,
of course.

The... goose?

Turkey's boring.

Gooseburgers, goosewiches,
fried goose on a stick...

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