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"Doom doom doom, doomy doom doom,
Doom doom doom, doomy doom doom.
Armageddon, twomageddon, threemageddon, four,
Fourmageddons make a bunch and so do many more."

[Panel 1]
Doom doom doom, doomy doom doom...

Oh, not you too!

Bloody politics.

[Panel 2]

Politics will be
meaningless when
the Elder Gods walk
the Earth once more.



The Great Work is
nearing its completion!

[Panel 3]
It's no good, I still
haven't had any time
travellers coming to
stop me kicking off
the robot revolution.

Great Cthulhu has
no use for mere
material devices.

So It probably
won't care about
the plague of
humanity being
cleared off
the Earth.

You lot are living
in fantasy worlds!

[Panel 4]
Er, yes, dear.

Better than
the real one,
aren't they?

Actually, you may have a point.

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