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[Panel 1]
When's the next slot
to book in a panic?

Um. This month
is for arbitrary
management decisions.

March is for politics.

I can fit you in on the
third Monday in April.

[Panel 2]
That'll just have to do.

Put me down for a
level three fantod.

What's the occasion?

Not enough

Well, of course not,
it's been winter!

[Panel 3]
Why would that stop anyone?

Huddling round
the oven, smelling
the pig getting
ready to eat...

Warming their hands
on the mulled wine...

How much does one of
these things cost again?

[Panel 4]
You don't want to know. Just
be happy with the leftovers.

You know, by April people
may have started wanting
the roasts again.

In which case I'll auction
off my slot and give
the funds to charity.

I'm sure you'll need a
short-notice panic by then.

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