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[Panel 1]

Oh, can't it wait?

I haven't finished.

Bar! Next week!

Goodoh, I could use
something cheerful.

[Panel 2]
Nobody seems to have
any hope just now.

Nils is trying to end the
world with robots before
we can end it by ourselves.

I'm not sure WHAT Elizabeth
is planning but I know it
has too many tentacles.

[Panel 3]
So the least I can do is get
in some bloody good beer.

Well, that's basically
what you do, isn't it?

Pays the bills, keeps
the shareholders happy...

Gaw, when did you get all grown up?

[Panel 4]
# panicked
just then, i think

Join me in a drop
of the Good Stuff?

Drink up, the
world's ending?

Or if it doesn't, we can
solve all its problems.

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