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[Panel 1]
See you later Bell, I'm
off over to Dalston.

Anything fun?

Freecycled computer. Poor thing,
it's been running Windows
all its life. Soon fix that.

[Panel 2]
But the attic is full
of computers already!

This one they're
throwing out is
faster than my
slowest machine.

AND it's not a Packard
Bell, which is worth about
a gigahertz right there.

[Panel 3]
So what's going to happen
to the old one?

Thermite the
hard drive,
then, hmm...

Sorry, got distracted
by the thermite.

What was I saying again?

[Panel 4]
Oh right, take what's left to
Computers By Kilo.

Don't tell
me they're
still going!

Still going? With
the amount of old kit
Jaakko and I bring
them, they're expanding!

(I think they have some
other customers too.)

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