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[Panel 1]
Ooh, here's some fun. They want the
peons to stop using Dropbox.

[textcolour blue]
[style octagon]
[font /usr/share/fonts/truetype/msttcorefonts/arial.ttf]
According to the Acceptable
Use policy, Dropbox is
not a permitted option

Then there's a sort of
frowny face, what is she,
twelve or something?

therefore I would cease using
it as soon as possible.

[Panel 2]
Nice of them to give us warning.
Do they suggest an alternative?

I'm afraid so.

For storage of files that
are accessible by internal
and external people,
OneDrive should be used.

Ooh, then no nasty corporate spies
will get them because they won't be
accessible by anyone. Job done!

[Panel 3]
OneDrive: the Zune
of online storage.

However, as Dropbox
is hosted by someone
else, we have no control
over their security
on our files.

And OneDrive isn't?

Microsoft is a a jealous
god. Thou shalt have no
other hosting before Microsoft.

[Panel 4]
So what are you going to do
when they tell us to put
top secret files where the
other admins can get them?

I think I might have
a Windows licence
key somewhere...

Remind them of
the contract.

As mere contractors we
are not allowed to HAVE
any top secret files, so
clearly we should not be
expected to give them
to anyone else.

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