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[Panel 1]
There are times I wonder
about it all, you know.

What's going
happen to the world?

No, more basic than that. Should I
have had a different life?

[Panel 2]
I mean, I could have been a truck
driver instead of a librarian.

You don't eat
enough bacon.

But maybe I would have! That's the
point. Maybe I'd be happier.

[Panel 3]
You know you'd just learn the
forbidden lore of trucks instead of
the forbidden lore of books.

And I don't suppose
you'd get as much
chance to use it.

Oh, I don't know...

[Panel 4]
[style rect]
Three universes sideways...

Avast, ye scurvy Eddie Stobart
swabs! In the name of Nyarlathotep,
heave to and prepare to be boarded!

Oh, hang on, that's ten
hours on the road. Can I
get back to you tomorrow?

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