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[Panel 1]
Argh. Is your robot army
available for hire?

You'd have to ask it.

Bother. I'll just have to lure our
management into the Upper Stacks.

[Panel 2]
Wouldn't that be the Lower Stacks?

No, there are hardly
any cellars at all.

It's the upper
floors where
we keep the
dangerous stuff.

Then we tell people they're
not structurally sound, so
the books won't be disturbed.

[Panel 3]
Except by your Resident
Artist, wasn't it?

Well, her final
soundscape was
very... impressive.

And then I had to write the note
saying she'd decided to "go and
study in Patagonia for ten years".

[Panel 4]
It would only have worried
them if she'd just vanished.

And if they were
too worried, they
might try to
do something.

Like sending in
a robot army?

Let's not.

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