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[Panel 1]
Morning. Sleep well?

I've had worse. The
eldritch wailing as
of a thousand souls
in torment was the
plumbing, I suppose?

I hope so.

[Panel 2]
You really ought to get your
young man to take a look at it.

I told you, he
isn't... never mind.

Well what is he then? And who is
that strange woman with the books?

[Panel 3]
Probably the smartest
person any of us
will ever meet.

Anyway, I should be off.
I've just cleared up in
the kitchen a little.

(Of course you have.)

[Panel 4]
You really ought to come and visit
us once in a while, you know. We
all miss you since you went south.

Oh, sorry, I can't do that now. If
I don't poke the hellmouth every
day it'll open and the world will
end, and how would Aunt May win the
Flower and Produce then?

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