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[Panel 1]
Well, I didn't think she
was all that terrible.

It's just... look,
say she were
your cousin.

Er, OK?

[Panel 2]
Then she would know more about
computers than you, make more money
than you playing with them,

and always give you some helpful
advice on how you could make more
money too. EVERY time she saw you.

[Panel 3]
Oh, right. One of them.

As it was she was
eyeing you up like
a horse she was
thinking of buying.

Well, I don't notice that sort
of thing. Anyway, I thought
you said she was married?

[Panel 4]
Not for her, you dolt.

Oh, OK. I'm sure that
makes sense to somebody.

Bell, I know where you
can borrow a 16-pound
sledgehammer to drive
the point home.

I think he's happier as he is.

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