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[Panel 1]
Oh, hullo Elizabeth. Don't
usually see you up this late.

Long day and lots of travel.

[Panel 2]
Been out anywhere fun?

Funeral. The prof who got
me started on Old English.


[Panel 3]
Changed out of the Garb on my
way back to the train. Somehow
it didn't feel right going to
a snack bar in the full blacks.

You're just going to
the wrong snack bars.

They're used to seeing me
at the all-night bagel
shop in Brick Lane by now.

[Panel 4]
You know, an all-night bagel
sounds like an excellent idea.

I mean, really for him it
should be an all-night boar
roast and mead-off, but...

Give me five minutes to put my
clubbing face on, or they won't
let me have the Special Mustard.

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