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[Panel 1]
Ah, Nils, could you run me off
a toothpaste-tube squeezer?

Shouldn't be a problem.
Let's see, class 3 order,
probably about a metre
and a half, should have
it for you by Wednesday.
Any colour preference?

What's a class 3 order?

[Panel 2]
One I won't get paid for.
Fiddly things for me, general
housekeeping, that sort of stuff.

Class 2 are orders
that bring in cash, so
they get priority.

What's class 1?

[Panel 3]
So as I was saying, what
colour would you like it?


Mandi's breakages at the
pub. She pays in booze.

[Panel 4]
I wondered why she was buying
good gin off me wholesale.

What, she's cutting
into your profits?
That's not fair.
I'll stop.

The wholesale rate she pays me is
not QUITE the same as the wholesale
rate I pay the suppliers...

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