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[Panel 1]
I was reading that some oke
is building steam-powered
rockets to try to prove
the Earth is flat.

Why "steam-powered"?

Well, this is a newspaper
report. The journalist probably
wouldn't know HTP if it walked
up and dissolved his foot off.

[Panel 2]
Nice and simple to build the
engine for it, no igniters to
worry about. There are probably
even old plans out there.

But I am sure we can do better!

[Panel 3]
Laser launch with an ice pad
on the bottom of the payload?

But the air will absorb it too much.

[Panel 4]
Open the primary coolant
loop on the reactor?

It will only be
a BIT radioactive.

Don't mind me, I'm just trying
to remember the definition of
Accessory Before the Fact.

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